Saturday, February 17, 2007

SAMScast New 2007 ident: "Animator"

This is a brand new 'station ID' for SAMScast for 2007

SAMScast Top Ten! (2006/7)

Here are the Top Ten videos according to viewer statistics for this school year... so far!

1. SAMS Rock Band
2. SAMS Rock Band - Teen Spirit
3. Chinese Cooking Class with Jimmy & William
4. How to Cook Crabs with Chloe & Arisa
5. Stem Cell Research by Sarah
6. Ultimate Dancer Fever
7. Symphony Orchestra - Harry Potter
8. Palestine by Jeong Tae
9. SAMS Orchestras at the International Fair
10. Symphony Orchestra - Polar Express

Let your browser do the voting if you think other videos should be in the next Top 10!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Meet the Notables (2004)

The first ever Notables video. For the first time on the web.

6th Grade Notables 2007