Friday, October 27, 2006

How to Cook Crabs by Chloe & Arisa

Chloe and Arisa present a Chinese lesson on how to cook crabs.

Smoking Kills! by Arisa & Aberdeen

Arisa & Aberdeen warn us about the dangers of smoking in this video!

"Smoking Really Sucks" by Jason & Jeff

Join Jeff & Jason for a revealing interview with a smoker. Smoking Really Sucks

"Smoking Isn't Cool" by Henry and Thomas

A cool anti-smoking website with a weird background by Henry and Thomas. Smoking isn't Cool by Henry and Thomas

"Don't Smoke!" by Joyce and Sarah

Joyce and Sarah give you some compelling reasons not to smoke on this groovy website!
Animations and video links included! Don't Smoke by Joyce and Sarah

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Chinese Cooking Class for Beginners - Brownies?!

Jimmy Zheng and William Shaw present a beginner's cooking show for Chinese people trying to make bad foreign food.
This video received 2 Daily 'Honors' awards on YouTube!
#8 Top Rated News & Blogs (Chinese)
#6 Top Favorites News & Blogs (Chinese)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Billy & Molly Travel the World (Episode 1 - Smoking)

Annie and Graydon (Molly and Billy) take us around the world to investigate the effects of smoking!

"Deadly Ingredients" by Jonathan & Steve

View Jonathan & Steve's startling revelations about what's actually in a cigarette.
Warning: you may be shocked and startled!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mr. Leishman's SAMS News Podcast #1

Tune in to Mr. Leishman's first podcast of Middle School news for parents and students. Download it here: Leish-O-Matic 9000 Podcast #1. Format: mp3

Find out more about the International Book Fair, Parent Teacher Conferences, Report Cards, and how to use the SAMS Edline website.